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Plans and Rates

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We scan your website to find out if it meets WCAG 2.1 compliance standards


This document helps reduce the chances of your organization receiving a complaint.

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Frequent questions

Yes, AccessiBit's accessibility solutions provide full ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance. The best place to start is with Accessibit's AI-powered accessibility widget, which enables automatic AI-powered repairs without you having to change your website's existing code.
Absolutely! AccessiBit's AI-powered accessibility widget automatically identifies all changes to your website. If violations appear in newly published content, they will be immediately remedied by the Accessibility Widget. You can freely publish new content without having to worry about having to make changes.
Our widget has been rigorously tested and optimized to ensure that there is no impact on your site's load time. Both the widget and the fixes to your site's code run asynchronously after your site has finished loading.
Due to the complex nature of accessibility, we want to provide many paths to help site owners achieve compliance. While implementing AccessiBit's AI-powered accessibility widget is a great way to fix accessibility violations automatically, many sites want to fix the deeper problem of inaccessible coding practices. They require manual checks or scans to locate problems on their site so their developers can fix them and start using more affordable practices.