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Self-certification compilation

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Declaration of conformity

Full WCAG 2.1

Accessibility statements exist to show site visitors the current state of your website's accessibility.This document helps reduce the chances of your organization receiving a complaint or request letter.

Declaration of conformity

Accessibility is not a part-time job

It is easy for digital assets to become non-compliant because few can give accessibility their full attention. AccessiBitadds that level of oversight without the need to hire a dedicated team of accessibility experts.


Here's how it works:

Step 1

Website scan and manual verification

Step 2

Error correction

Step 3

Widget installation based on artificial intelligence

Step 4

Certificate compilation

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Plans & Rates

Prices for certificate of accessibility

  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited notifications
  • 10,000 unique visitors
  • Conversion analytics
  • Live chat support
  • Recent activity notification
  • Live visitor count notification
  • Send data to analytics tools

Get the most out of your accessibility

The benefits of managed accessibility include:

WCAG 2.1 AA compliant to meet ADA and EN 301-549 standards

Customized repair experience from visually impaired testers

Comprehensive suite of over 100 AI-powered accessibility features

Real-time accessibility monitoring and reporting

Litigation Protection + $1,000,000 Guarantee